What is Peace Silk ?

Peace Silk means that the silkworms can complete their life cycle and develop into a butterfly. In conventional silk breeding (in China), the silkworms are killed by superheated steam once they have spun the cocoon. In the case of Peace Silk, the ethical and non-violent silk culture, the cocoons are kept in a sheltered place until the pupae hatches out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. This process can take 2 to 4 weeks. This particular method slows production, but is fundamental to our philosophy of producing silk non-violently. Once the butterflies have left their cocoons, the cocoons are processed without the use of harmful chemicals.

Peace Silk is the alternative for people who care about the lives of animals, for people who appreciate the queen of natural fibers. You can recognize our Peace Silk products by this sign:


We will continously enlarge our assortment of baby clothing.

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Organic Peace Silk TUSHITA 80XL • natural white 100% silk

Product no.: CCC-sat80XL

49.50 / m *

New Organic silk satin UNICORN non-violent • 100% silk

Product no.: STR-all-unic

49.80 / m *

Peace Silk bed clothes TUSHITA from organic silk - 100% silk

Product no.: STR-bett-satin

from 28.00 *

Delivery period: 10 working days

Peace Silk bedding UNICORN from organic satin • 100% silk

Product no.: STR-bett-unicorn

from 32.00 *

Delivery period: 10 working days

Peace Silk filling material 100% organic silk 100 g

Product no.: SHC-fm

12.90 / unit(s) *

Peace Silk jersey LW natural white 100% silk

Product no.: DW-jerLW

52.00 / m *

Peace Silk TABBY • natural white 100% silk

Product no.: CCC-tby22

18.00 / m *

Peace Silk blankie 35 cm 100% silk

Product no.: STR-ST35-PS

6.95 *

Peace Silk scarf • 110 cm 100% silk

Product no.: STR-ST110-PS

25.00 *

Cradle curtain organic Peace Silk • white 100% silk

Product no.: STR-WH-bio-n

39.00 *
Still in stock

Nappy inlay organic Peace Silk 100% silk

Product no.: STR-WE

from 6.50 *
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