Curative nappy inlay • organic Peace Silk • 100% silk

Product no.: STR-STE-ps
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Allying - palliating - healing
Sensitive or irritated nipples need a velvety soft, breathable nursing pad. Breastfeeding layers of silk have proven themselves. Pure silk soothes the skin and helps to regenerate sore nipples. 
Our nursing pads are pleasantly thin and therefore offer excellent wearing comfort. The natural eri silk cools and soothes the breast irritated by breastfeeding. The high level of anti-inflammatory silk bast naturally heals and relieves slight redness!
Link to a study about  Wound Healing of Sericin...
The silk comes from ethical silk breeding. Here, the cocoons are processed only after the eri butterfly has hatched (non-violent silk, Ahimsa silk).

handwaescheCare: soak in lukewarm water with some tenestar silk detergent, rinse well, squeeze in a towel, pull into shape and then dry lying down.

Available with 2 layers of organic silk, diameter approx. 12 cm

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