Silk fabric

Silk fabric

Silk fabric

Our silk fabrics  are produced in accordance with the highest organic textile standard. It is high grade organic quality that guarantees the highest possible level for ecological and social sustainibility.



Peace Silk means that the fabrics are produced from organic silk rearing without killing the silkworms . This silk is also called Ahimsa Silk or non-violent silk. AHIMSA is a Sanskrit term for the principal of non-violence, which reflects the attitude of mankind towards animals and nature in many eastern religions and cultures. 



More organic and Peace Silk fabrics you will find at SEIDENTRAUM's !

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Peace Silk TABBY • natural white 100% silk

Product no.: CCC-tby22


Light plain weave - non-violent without animal harm


18.00 / m *

New Organic silk satin UNICORN non-violent • 100% silk

Product no.: STR-all-unic

2_logo_peace_silk_kleinSoft and light

49.80 / m *

Peace Silk jersey LW natural white 100% silk

Product no.: DW-jerLW


Mid-weight jersey - non-violent without animal harm


52.00 / m *

Organic Peace Silk TUSHITA 80XL • natural white 100% silk

Product no.: CCC-sat80XL


Medium-weight shiny satin


49.50 / m *

Silk thread 100 m bobbin 100% silk

Product no.: GT-NS-100

Fine thread

3.20 / Roll(s) *

Sample chart

Product no.: sm-baby

Sample chart Baby fabrics

0.00 *
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