Cradle Curtains

Sing softly, softly, softly,
sing whispering a lullaby.

learn the tune from the moon 
that moves so quietly in the sky.

      Clemens Brentano

A cradle veil gives the new citizen on the earth protection and security. The newborns can gradually get used to the many impressions of the outside world.

All cradle curtains of Peace Silk and organic silk are manufactured in Germany.




BERTA MARIA conjures up the soothing colors with her medicinal herbs on the delicate silk. She has decades of experience in dealing with dye plants, medicinal plants and silk. Most of the plants she uses have been lovingly collected by hand from around Lake Constance. The vibrancy of the colors is unsurpassed. The effect of the plant's forces contributes to well-being and balance.



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Cradle curtain herbal dyed from Peace Silk • 100% silk

Product no.: STR-wh-pfl


Well protected with Peace Silk

71.82 *

Cradle curtain organic Peace Silk • white 100% silk

Product no.: STR-WH-bio-n


Ethical and fair - Cradle Curtain natural white



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In stock
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