Swaddle • 60 x 120 cm • 85% organic wool 15% silk

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When newborns are swaddled in our blankets, they will feel like they are in the womb - comfortably warm and secure. It relaxes the baby and provides a easier way to arrive gently in our world. In order to store the mother's odor in the blanket to comfort the baby, it can be placed in the mother's bed or worn as a scarf before the child is born.

Swaddling also has many advantages: the gentle pressure increases the infant's neuromuscular development and it calms the nervous system, which is exposed to so many new stimuli in the first few month after birth.

Size 60 x 120 cm

Our blanket is warming and yet breathable, so that no heat is accumulated and your baby feels really comfortable, snugged and tugged in with love.

Wool, as well as silk supports optimal oxygen saturation of the blood and thus has a preventive effect against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The existing heat is retained on the body and moisture is transported to the outside. Our blanket is adaptable and tugs the shape of the small body softly. As a result, there are no pressure points and the baby can still move his hands just like in the womb.


  • regional_hergestellt_V2_ohne_LinieMaterial quality prevents heat and moisture build-up
  • Can also be used for babies with hip malpositions
  • Tried and tested hundreds of times and continuously developed
  • Material from certified organic animal husbandry (kbT)

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