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Silvia Albrecht about SilviLaVie:

 Logo_Silvi"I think about and work out what and how I can best support the babies in their start in life. Thanks to a good friend, a gifted seamstress and knitter, I am able to put all ideas into practice quickly. I am too Sustainability is very important so that the things can be used for a longer period of time. It is therefore not only durable but also offers babies more security through recognition through smell and feel! Wool quickly absorbs the odor of the wearer. In my daily work with infants and children I can test new products in detail, which is a huge advantage for optimal product development. "


"The products are especially suitable for newborns and restless babies. They can support self-regulation, help to learn healthy sleeping habits and thus contribute a large part to healthy development in the first year of life. I also attach great importance to ease of use and good wearing comfort . "


"All products are made of wool & silk. This makes them breathable, kind to the skin and the environment. This material does not build up heat, it ensures optimal oxygen saturation of the blood and thus the best prevention against Sudden Infantile Death (SIDS) In babies' first year of life, the skin is particularly thin and susceptible to harmful chemicals that are absorbed through the skin, for example from clothing or the sleeping environment. In addition, many other organs and body mechanisms, such as the detoxification system, are not yet fully developed makes it even more difficult for the little ones to break down or excrete chemicals that have been absorbed through the skin. The chemicals harm children even more than adults because the toxins can influence the development of the organism in the process of cell division. "


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Blanket 95 x 95 cm • 85% organic wool 15% silk

Product no.: SLV-de

Well wrapped


73.00 *

Growing cap • 85% organic wool 15% silk

Product no.: SLV-mü

it grows with the baby!


19.00 *

Swaddle • 60 x 120 cm • 85% organic wool 15% silk

Product no.: SLV-pt

The good old way


73.00 *

Bibf • 85% organic wool 15% silk

Product no.: SLV-ltz

Helpful for teething


20.00 *

Loop scarf • 85% organic wool 15% silk

Product no.: SLV-loo

Protects the neck


18.00 *

Neck warmer • 85% organic wool 5% silk

Product no.: SLV-hw

Well protected


22.00 *

Babylegs/pulse warmer • 85% organic wool 15% silk

Product no.: SLV-leg

Cozy warmth


16.00 *
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