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Elina prefers to wear silk underwear. Silk is the finest natural fiber and has an optimal skin tolerance and high moisture retention due to its protein structure of all textile fibers.

The fine, natural white organic silk comes from certified organic silk farming - free of pesticides and antibiotics. It is undyed and not chemically treated, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

The high proportion of silk glue (sericin) in bourette silk has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Bourette silk is therefore particularly used for diaper and nursing pads and baby clothing.


Gr. 50 - ca. 0-1 months        Gr. 80 - ca. 9-12 months       
Gr. 56 - ca. 1-2 months        Gr. 86 - ca. 12-15 months       
Gr. 62 - ca. 2-4 months        Gr. 92 - ca. 15-24 months       
Gr. 68 - ca. 4-6 months             
Gr. 74 - ca. 6-9 months         


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Baby pants • 100% silk (Peace Silk)

Product no.: ALK-133601


Coarse silk - smooth and tender
from 22.00 *
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Baby romper • 100% silk (Peace Silk)

Product no.: ALK-13714


Coarse silk - smooth and tender

from 32.00 *
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